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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PolyBase in SQL Server?

The most basic example is to make a third party database table (such as Oracle) available for queries as if it was a SQL Server table. Polybase is SQL Server’s 2019 data virtualization solution. SQL Server can now be the central hub for all your data. When to use it?

What is polypolybase and how does it work?

PolyBase is optimized for data warehouse workloads and analytical query processing, making it easier than ever to merge big data into the SQL Server universe. It is a technology that accesses and combines both non-relational and relational data, all from within SQL Server.

What is the difference between PolyBase and linked servers?

Polybase has dedicated services for processing and moving the external data. Linked servers support data modification while Polybase doesn’t. Polybase was conceived as a technology for mainly reading data. This may change in the future. Linked servers use OLEDB while Polybase uses ODBC.

What is PolyBase and why should you care?

Lastly, PolyBase is highly flexible. It is not limited to a single operating system or Hadoop distribution. In addition, it supports any type of HDFS file format. This means that you can use PolyBase to deliver data from all types of unstructured sources across the entire Microsoft BI stack.

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