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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I eat at a Mexican restaurant?

Grilled Shrimp Salad. “Even if it’s not on the menu, you can usually get a grilled shrimp salad at any Mexican restaurant. Salad veggies are packed with healthy nutrients like fiber, and the grilled shrimp provides protein and healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Are stuffed peppers Mexican?

Mexico. Mexican cuisine has more than one stuffed pepper dish: The Chile relleno, literally "stuffed pepper", consists of a roasted green Pasilla or poblano peppers stuffed with cheese (traditionally queso fresco ), and/or (occasionally) minced meat, covered in an egg batter, and fried.

What are peppers used in mexian food?

A Guide to Peppers Used in Mexican Cuisine Jalapeño Peppers. The most popular of peppers used in Mexican food, the jalapeño pepper, is familiar to all of us. ... Serrano Peppers. These peppers are spicier than jalapeño peppers on average. ... Habanero Peppers. Not long ago, habanero peppers were considered the hottest type of chile pepper. ... Anaheim Peppers. ... Poblano Peppers. ... Spice Up Your Kitchen. ...

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