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Frequently Asked Questions

What is polarization beam splitter/combiner (PBS/PBC)?

Polarization beam splitter/combiner (PBS/PBC) is a fiber assembly built on polarization-maintaining or regular fiber. It is used for coupling two beams into one fiber or a single output containing ortho-linearly polarized light into two fiber outputs.

What polarizing beamsplitters does Thorlabs offer?

Thorlabs offers both Plate and Cube Polarizing Beamsplitters for a variety of wavelength ranges and power handling requirements. A Low-GDD, High-Power Polarizing Beamsplitter is also available. In addition, birefringent crystals and Brewster windows are also offered for higher-laser damage threshold requirements.

What are the different types of beam splitters?

There are two basic types of beamsplitters: Non-polarizing beamsplitters (NPBS): This type of splitter is used to divide (split) a beam into two beams and each output beam is a fraction of the incoming beam regardless of the polarizations.

What is a lateral displacement beamsplitter?

Lateral Displacement Beamsplitters are designed to split the incident beam into two displaced parallel beams. Polarizing Beamsplitters are available that have been designed for common laser wavelengths or wavelength ranges.

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