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Frequently Asked Questions

What is outline for Mac?

Outline for Mac allows to open notebooks FROM and create them ON local drive. Outline saves changes automatically every 3 seconds, so you can always access your up-to-date notebooks in Finder. Notes never leave your private space if you do not want them to. Sync & Backup. Besides local storage Outline supports popular clouds.

What is outline and how does it work?

Outline is an easy way for you to set up your own virtual private network (VPN) server to more safely access the open internet and keep your communications private. If you have received an access key, download the Outline app to get started.

What is outline client in Shadowsocks?

Outline Client The Outline Client is a cross-platform VPN or proxy client for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS. The Outline Client is designed for use with the Outline Server software, but it is fully compatible with any Shadowsocks server. The client's user interface is implemented in Polymer 2.0.

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