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Frequently Asked Questions

What caused spectrum outage Yesterday?

Yesterday’s outage was allegedly caused by a Spectrum fiber line that was inadvertently cut by one of Spectrum’s subcontractors. The City was not notified directly of this incident. City staff learned of this situation at the same time as the rest of our community. Spectrum and Verizon’s services were both impacted by the fiber cut.

Are there Internet outages in my area?

Wondering if there’s an internet outage in my area? This can be infuriating especially when you’re doing important online tasks! To check if your area is experiencing broadband outage, contact your provider through customer service lines, and consult their team for enquiries about your broadband connection.

Is Spectrum Internet down right now?

User reports indicate no current problems at Spectrum Spectrum (formerly Charter Spectrum) offers cable television, internet and home phone service. Spectrum serves homes and businesses in 25 states. In 2016 Spectrum acquired Time Warner Cable.

Is T Mobile currently down?

T-Mobile US, Inc. (TMUS) is currently at $130.39, down $0.42 or 0.32% -- Would be lowest close since May 4, 2021, when it closed at $128.48 -- Currently down nine of the past 10 days

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