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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Old Wives' Tale about Itchy Palms?

What Is the Old Wives' Tale About Itchy Palms? What Is the Old Wives’ Tale About Itchy Palms? The old wives’ tale concerning itchy palms means that the individual who experiences it will be coming into money soon. There is distinction between the left and right palm.

What does an itchy palm mean?

When your left hand's palm itches, it can indicate you are about to come into some money. There are so many superstitions about when someone has an itchy palm, especially an itchy left palm. Old wives' tales and many cultures believe that an itchy left palm means that you are about to have a great financial fortune.

Will a left palm itching bring you money?

If you are concerned about losing money, then there are certain solutions you can resort to in order to avoid the curse or blessing behind itchy palms. The thing is, the old wives tale which claims a left palm itching will bring money your way has certain detractors. Other cultures seem to believe this is the exact opposite.

How do you treat Itchy Palms?

Treatments will vary based on the underlying cause of itchy palms. Some recommended treatments include: Placing a cool, damp cloth onto the palms for 5 to 10 minutes can relieve the itching sensation. An ice pack may also be effective. Corticosteroids can reduce itching and redness on the palms during a flare-up.

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