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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 5 Levitical offering?

The five “Levitical offerings” were a vital part of the provisions and principles upon which that access was to take place. In Chapters 1-7 these five offerings are seen to have two orders. The first we may identify as the order of institution and the second the order of. implementation.

What is the meaning of the word offering?

Definition of offering. 1a : the act of one who offers. b : something offered especially : a sacrifice ceremonially offered as a part of worship. c : a contribution to the support of a church.

What are the different types of offerings in the Bible?

This category, first discussed in Leviticus 3, included Thanksgiving Offerings (Lev 7:12), Freewill Offerings (7:16), and Wave Offerings (7:30). The offering could be cattle (3:1), sheep (3:7), or a goat (3:12).

What is a purification offering and how is it offered?

The primary purpose of this offering is not to atone for sins but rather to purify oneself for re-entering the presence of God. The elements of a Purification Offering could be any of the elements of the previous three types offerings, though unlike the Peace Offering, the meal was not to be shared by the one offering the sacrifice.

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