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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an offering prayer?

An offertory prayer is a one that gives praise to God for his control over the universe and thanks God for choosing to save his children. Other offertory prayers ask that God use monetary gifts to help neighbors in need. Additional offertory prayers ask that God's followers might serve others.

What is the purpose of church offering?

Bible Summary. The primary purpose of giving tithes and offerings is to honor God. Ministry staff is to supported by their congregation through tithes and offerings. Evangelists are to be supported through tithes and offerings from their home church.

What is prayer for worship?

Worship basically means the religious praise and devotion. It results in the honoring of God. In other words, worship is an expression of love for God and involves mere praising of the God. Unlike prayers, worship does not mean confession, and it is not a conversation with the God.

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