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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Find my New York City Department of Education Payroll?

The New York City Department of Education’s payroll portal helps teachers and other employees of the DOE to see their payroll information via the internet. For example, you can view your Forms W-2 when the tax season rolls in so you can report the income earned to the Internal Revenue Service.

How do I login to the DOE payroll portal?

Go to This will take you directly to the DOE’s Payroll Portal. On the far left locate “login” and click on it once. Enter the appropriate information as follows: Network/e-mail ID, Password and choose and enter your SS, EIS ID or Employee ID.

Who is on the payroll of the Department of Education?

There are separate payrolls that serve six groups of employees of the Department of Education: Pedagogues, covered by the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) and Council of Supervisors and Administrators (CSA), as well as pedagogic managers, including Superintendents and Deputy Superintendents, are paid on a semi-monthly basis.

What benefits does the DOE offer employees?

Benefits. DOE employees are eligible for many additional benefits, including commuter benefits, a college savings program, and employee discounts on everything from technology and media to travel and education. In addition, scholarships, financial incentives, and other special programs are available for many employees.

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