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Frequently Asked Questions

What does NSW Health do?

Australia’s largest health system. Supported by eHealth NSW. The NSW health system works to protect, promote and maintain the health and wellbeing of the people of NSW. Data from 2021-2022 NSW Health Annual Report. As NSW Health’s digital centre of excellence, we plan, implement and support ICT and digital capabilities across the state.

What is eHealth NSW?

At eHealth NSW, we set out every day to build technology, design solutions and create digital innovations that improve health outcomes that matter to patients. Research findings highlight technology’s role in medication… Reducing medication errors in children's hospitals is firmly in the state's focus with the release o…

How do I register for the nswh Supplier Portal?

Suppliers self-register for the NSWH Supplier Portal by clicking the Supplier Registration button and following the onscreen instructions or by visiting the Register for the NSW Health Supplier Portal page.

What is the NSW Health online recruitment platform?

The NSW Health online recruitment platform allows you to submit your application in a few easy steps and track your progress throughout the recruitment process. You can build a personal profile with your resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV) and copies of your qualifications and credentials, which can be used when applying for positions in the future.

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