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Frequently Asked Questions

What is about NK?

About NK: NK – is a new solo project of Nastia Kamenskikh. NK is all about looking ahead, keeping up with modern trends, setting pace and blasting off dancefloors with crazy energy.

What is NK | Nastia Kamenskikh nkofficial?

Welcome to NKofficial – an official YouTube channel of NK | Nastia Kamenskikh. The hottest news and most recent updates around the artist. Official song and video releases as well as a personal NKblog. About NK: NK – is a new solo project of Nastia Kamenskikh.

How do NK cells interact with other cells?

Recent research highlights the fact that NK cells are also regulatory cells engaged in reciprocal interactions with dendritic cells, macrophages, T cells and endothelial cells. NK cells can thus limit or exacerbate immune responses.

What does ANK cell stand for?

The company develops activated natural killer (aNK) cell, a natural killer cell-line and genetically modified derivative capable of killing cancer and virally infected cells; and Nant cancer vaccine, a personalized therapy that utilizes its off-the-shelf natural killer cells.

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