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Frequently Asked Questions

What does myoglobin do for muscles?

‌Myoglobin helps your muscles stay oxygenated by releasing stored oxygen into the muscle fibers. This also helps the muscles contract and relax. ‌‌ This protein also acts like an enzyme when it helps break down nitric acid and turn it into nitrate.

What is the function of myoglobin?

The most significant function of myoglobin is store oxygen. Myoglobin exists in high concentrations in the muscle cells which allows organisms to hold their breath for a more extended period. It is for this reason that diving mammals such as seals and whales have more myoglobin than humans do.

What does the myoglobin do?

‌Myoglobin has several roles, but its most important role is to act as storage for oxygen. This protein attaches to oxygen in the blood and takes it to the muscles throughout your body, especially your heart and skeletal muscles. Once there, myoglobin finds a resting spot and stores the oxygen until you need it. ‌‌

What does myoglobin mean?

Myoglobin is found in your heart and skeletal muscles. There it captures oxygen that muscle cells use for energy. When you have a heart attack or severe muscle damage, myoglobin is released into your blood. Myoglobin increases in your blood 2 to 3 hours after the first symptoms of muscle damage. It usually peaks about 8 to 12 hours later.

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