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Frequently Asked Questions

Why travel with Globus?

Rediscover the passion and pleasure only travel can bring. The World Wants You to Come Back. And Globus Can Take You There! Rekindle your love for adventure.

Will there be a 4th tour with Globus in 2020?

We were scheduled to take our 4th. tour with Globus on September 15, 2020. Globu... As the gold standard for escorted touring, Globus raises the bar for excellence with 90-plus years of sharing the world with travelers.

Who owns Globus and a world beyond?

GLOBUS and A WORLD BEYOND, are trade and service marks owned and/or applied for and/or registered by Globus Gateway Ltd. Inc., in the Australian Trademark Registry and in other global jurisdictions. Circuit Travel Pty Ltd., is an authorised user of the trade and service marks GLOBUS and A WORLD BEYOND owned by Globus Gateway Ltd. Inc.

What is the minimum age to travel Globus and Cosmos?

It is best to avoid airline tickets with high change fees. The minimum age to participate in any Globus and Cosmos trip service is 5 years of age and the minimum age for Avalon Waterways is 8 years of age, unless otherwise specified in the chart below.

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