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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Manage my Globe subscription?

Log in to My Account for an easy way to maintain and manage your Globe subscription. Edit your profile. Review and update your subscription type. Make a payment or set up a vacation suspension.

How do I access my Globe at home dashboard?

So, How do I access my Globe At Home dashboard? Just tap the “Go to Dashboard” button from your home screen. The Globe At Home Data Duck shows you your current data usage and total data allowance, in near-real time! Tap on the “View Details” option to see more details on your data usage.

How do I unlock my Globe postpaid device?

Globe Postpaid account holders can request for device unlocking if the following eligibility rules are met: Customer should be out of contract (if within contract, pre termination fees will apply) Customer must have no outstanding balance to Globe. Account holder should make the request to Globe.

Why upgrade to globe at home prepaid WiFi?

Own productivity with Globe MyFi LTE and experience ultra-fast internet connection anywhere you are. Enjoy optimized internet connection when you upgrade your Globe At Home plan for FREE! Watch, learn, chat, and earn with Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi's HomeSURF promos!

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