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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Morningstar Farms products healthy?

MorningStar Farms are pioneers when it comes to producing plant-based foods. For over 40 years they've worked to produce plant-based products that are not only healthy and meat-free, but taste delicious and are better for the environment.

Is Morning Star vegan?

Morningstar makes both vegetarian and vegan foods. They are known for vegetarian burgers, sausage, mock beef crumbles, hot dogs and corn dogs made from soy. They also have "chick'n" patties and mock chicken nuggets made from quorn, an edible fungus. The labels state whether it is vegetarian or vegan.

What are sausage links?

Sausage links are the Americans way of describing regular sausages as they also have sausage patties which are round and flat. Sausage links are just regular sausages - so called because often they are all linked together by the casing. Oooh, you got me..

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