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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Des Moines a cool city to live in?

The fastest growing city in the Midwest, Des Moines offers the amenities, both cultural and recreational, that rival its much larger cousins. With short commutes, nationally renowned farmers' markets and a booming millennial population, Des Moines is a surprisingly cool city smack in the middle of the heartland.

What are fun things to do in Des Moines?

The best activities near Des Moines include: Visiting the gold-domed Iowa State Capitol at the edge of downtown Des Moines Sprawling out in Jester Park Exploring Gray’s Lake Park, featuring a 1.9-mile walking path around the lake Seeing a show at Des Moines Performing Arts Learning more about Iowa history at State Historical Museum

What was Des Moines original name?

The origin of the name Des Moines is obscure. Early French explorers named it La Rivière des Moines, literally meaning "River of the Monks.". The name may have referred to early Trappist monks who built huts near the mouth of the river at the Mississippi.

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