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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a budget meeting?

Some budget meeting are exploratory, some are used to set budgets and some help companies review the performance of the company in relation to its financial plans. Before you hold a budget meeting, communicate the goals to all parties involved.

What are the purpose of meeting minutes?

The participants to the meetings have a reminder aid The minutes say who will do what and when They are the starting point of the following meeting They are helpful for those absent to know was discussed and what decisions have been taken In case of conflicts, they are useful to know what agreements were made

What is the format of minutes of a meeting?

The format for meeting minutes can vary from organization to organization, but are usually very straight forward. It starts by listing the body meeting, gives the date and time of the meeting, members present, and offer short review of each agenda item and a record of the vote, if any was taken, for each item.

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