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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Surface Pro 8 worth it?

The Surface Pro 8 is an incredible device, and ... An option with a Smart card reader is available, and the case comes in at a hefty price of $200, but it might be worth the extra protection and headaches saved having not to deal with dongles.

Is Microsoft complete for Surface Pro worth it?

Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro is absolutely worth investing in, even if you may never need it. If you’ve dropped your smartphone or tablet before, you know how badly a broken device can ruin...

Does the Surface Pro 8 come with a charger?

You can connect multiple devices and charge your Surface Pro 8 up to 40% in 30 minutes. This power bank even comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable in the box, as an added bonus. Those are our picks for the best chargers to use with your Microsoft Surface Pro 8.

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