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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Surface Pro 8 worth it?

The Surface Pro 8 is an incredible device, and ... An option with a Smart card reader is available, and the case comes in at a hefty price of $200, but it might be worth the extra protection and headaches saved having not to deal with dongles.

How much does Microsoft Surface Pro cost?

Pricing varies. For instance, the Surface Pro Microsoft Complete costs $149. If you are buying an Xbox One, it will run you $49.99. When it comes to a high-end laptop, you could be facing an extra $199 for two-year protection. You can only buy Microsoft Complete during the "add to cart" sequence when buying online from the Microsoft Store.

Does Surface Pro 8 have a fan?

The surface pro 8 has vaper camber cooling so thermals will not be a problem. And the fans are really quiet.

Does Surface Pro 8 have LTE?

The software giant today announced a Surface Pro 8 with LTE, and while this is good news for people who seek on-the-go Internet access, the bad news is the device is only aimed at business customers.

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