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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Mass Effect so great?

Through loyalty missions that dig deep into these characters' pasts to dialogue options that shape the way these characters see the player within this world, every action feels meaningful and impactful, which is a large part why Mass Effect is so incredibly immersive. These characters matter. They matter to Shepard and they matter to you.

Why is Mass Effect rated M?

the game is very violent and their are lots of bloody and gorey parts in the game. The only blood and gore I ever remember seeing in Mass Effect was when the guy got impaled and then like. Maybe one other time. It's 99% positive it's M-rated just because you get like 1 second of side boob. That makes a game INSTANTLY M in America!

When will Mass Effect be released?

The franchise was run on the Unreal Engine before moving to Frostbite with the ill-fated Mass Effect Andromeda. Currently, BioWare hasn’t given us a release date, nor do we know if Mass Effect will release in 2022, 2023 or later. WindowsCentral has suggested that the game will arrive in 2024 at the earliest.

What is Mass Effect about?

The Mass Effect trilogy represents the pinnacle of BioWare's cinematic style of RPGs even a decade after the trilogy's conclusion. So it's unsurprising that someone would want to adapt it into a film or series at some point. Amazon Studios managed to ...

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