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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Satyrische europakarte Weltkrieg 1914?

Entitled: Satyrische Europa Karte Weltkrieg 1914. Sketch depicting a map of Europe at the outbreak of the first World War with each country depicted as a human figure representative of the particular state of affairs or attitudes of the country, for insta.

What is happening in the world in 1914?

This year, 1914, sees these tensions spill over into full scale war. What else is happening in the rest of the world... The history of the British empire in India reaches its height - but it will shortly come to an end

What were the different variants of the British flag?

In practice, there were many different variants of the flag between 1914 and 1961. The flag could be triangular or rectangular. The word could be by itself or next to a stylized falcon's claw, which was the insignia of the royal family. The hoist edge could have a shahada, or a wavy white stripe, or both, or neither.

What does the flag of Switzerland look like?

The flag of Switzerland consists of a red square with a bold, equilateral white Greek cross in the centre. It is one of only two square flags, the other being that of the Vatican City. It is based on the flag of the Canton of Schwyz, which dates back to 1474 at least.

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