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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find maps of the history of Europe?

For maps of the history of Europe: Atlas of European history. The Wikimedia Atlas of the World is an organized and commented collection of geographical, political and historical maps available at Wikimedia Commons. The introductions of the country, dependency and region entries are in the native languages and in English.

What is happening in the world in 1914?

This year, 1914, sees these tensions spill over into full scale war. What else is happening in the rest of the world... The history of the British empire in India reaches its height - but it will shortly come to an end

What countries were involved in the First World War?

First World War Europe, Middle East and North Africa Europe 1914 Europe 1919 The Ottoman Empire 1914 The Eastern Front The Western Front Turkey, Mesopotamia and the Middle East Greece and Turkey showing Gallipoli

How did World War 1 change Europe?

World War I began in 1914 and transformed the boundaries of Europe. In some ways, the map was easier to read because many of the countries that we now know were part of larger empires that no longer exist. In fact, many of them stopped existing because of that war.

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