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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join Lowe’s for pros loyalty program?

To join the Lowe’s For Pros Loyalty Program, you must register at least one card. We encourage you to register all of your business’ credit or debit cards, so you’ll receive loyalty benefits for each card. What are the business management tools I have access to as a member of the Lowe’s For Pros Loyalty Program?

What credit cards are included in the Lowe's Business Rewards program?

Excludes Lowe’s Business Rewards Credit Card from American Express, Lowe’s Commercial Account, all Lowe’s Canada Credit products and the Lowe’s PreLoad Discover® Card. We reserve the right to discontinue or alter the terms of this offer at any time.

How do I Register my Card in the Lowe’s for pros program?

Once your card information has been added, check the box to register your card in the Lowe’s For Pros Loyalty Program. If you have an existing card saved, check your Wallet and select the card (s) you wish to register in the Lowe’s For Pros Loyalty Program, check the Register This Card box and save.

What are the extended terms for Lowe's for pros?

Extended terms (for accounts opened after 3/31/21) are available on purchases made at least five business days after you become a Lowe's For Pros Loyalty Member with your card registered/enrolled in your Lowe's For Pros account. • Fund with a debit/credit card or business checking account.

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