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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Lowe's pay their employees?

The starting pay at Lowe’s is $11 per hour. This is the same starting pay as an entry-level worker at Home Depot. After several years of experience and raises in pay, Lowe’s hourly employees have a chance to make anywhere between $11 to $20 an hour. Typically after seven years of work or so, an hourly worker can possibly reach the $14 an hour mark.

What is Lowe's starting wage?

The starting wage at Lowe's varies depending on the state and the work experience of the employee, but the average is approximately nine dollars an hour. The more work experience in a similar field or other related jobs changes an employee's pay because they require less training and can work with less supervision immediately.

Is Lowes a good place to work?

Overall, Lowe's is a solid place to work. Senior management teams are almost always willing to help teach you what you need to know and offer guidance when needed. Don't expect steady hours in the regular positions.

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