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Frequently Asked Questions

What does pathos ethos and logos mean?

What Is the Meaning of Logos, Ethos & Pathos? Logos. Logos, Greek for "word," refers to persuasion by logic. An argument using logos is using logic to appeal to the audience. Ethos. Ethos, Greek for "character," uses the speaker or writer's credibility to appeal to the audience. ... Pathos. Pathos, Greek for "suffering," refers to an appeal based on emotion or feelings rather than logic. ...

What does ethos appeal to?

An "appeal to ethos" is an appeal to ethics. One way to appeal to ethics is to convince someone of the character or credibility of the person doing the persuading. Therefore, one way to appeal to ethics is for the persuader to provide credentials, experience, and accomplishments related to the given topic in order to build credibility.

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