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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to have itchy feet?

Even today, many still use the saying "itchy feet" for wanting to jet-set across the world, or use the phrase "itching to travel." While a left foot can mean an unenjoyable trip or losses experienced on the journey ranging from money to relationships, an itchy right foot is all about smooth sailing.

What are the Old Wives Tales and superstitions about Itchy right foot?

Old wives tales and superstitions in Asia about itchy right foot belong to both rural and urban population. Interesting information about this itchy right foot is passed from generations to generations. According to this, whenever a person has an itchy right foot, he/she must get up and immediately go out of the home for some time.

What does an itchy left foot mean in Hinduism?

Some go so far as to say it means failure, overall bad luck, or even being unable to sit still. Moreover, in Hinduism, an itchy left foot can signify "a failed journey," which, as mentioned previously, can have a literal or symbolic meaning (via The Star ).

What is the left big toe itching superstition?

The left big toe itching superstition is that you will soon receive a visit from a woman. The right big toe itching superstition means you’ll soon have a male visitor, or that someone you know is thinking about you of the opposite sex. Itchy toes generally mean visitors are coming, but which visitors depends on which toe is itchy.

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