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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use consist or consists in a sentence?

“Consist of” is used when we want to talk about how something is made or what it is formed of. The human body consists of over 200 bones. The planet we live on consists of almost 200 countries. I consist of blood and bones, as all humans do.

How to use "consist" in a sentence?

How To Use Consist In In A Sentence? They consist in labor and self-denial repeated over and over again in learning and doing. The riches of a country consist in the abundance and proper distribution of all these things. The remedy does not consist in the lessening or weakening of sovereignty by individual states.

What is a synonym for consist of?

Synonyms for consists in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for consists. 38 synonyms for consist: lie in, involve, reside in, be expressed by, subsist, be found or contained in, be made up of, include, contain, incorporate, amount to.

When to use the word consists?

“Consist in” is used when we want to talk about something being the entire and necessary part of something. The beauty of space consists in learning about the unknown. My happiness consists in making sure my family is okay. Knowing what these things are consisting in is important to understand them better. What would you say your love consists in?

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