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Frequently Asked Questions

When to file 5500 ez?

Instructions and forms for the Form 5500-EZ are maintained by IRS. You must generally file the return on the last day of the seventh month after your plan year ends (July 31 for a calendar-year plan). Extensions for up to 2 ½ months may be requested in advance by filing the Form 5558 with the IRS.

Who must file 5500 ez?

You must file the Form 5500-EZ if a plan meets the requirements alone or combined with any other qualified retirement plan owned greater than 80% by the business owner or a related party (one controlled group) exceeding $250,000.00.

Where to mail 5500 ez?

• Mail Form 5500-EZ for plan year 2021 to the IRS office in Ogden, Utah, to be processed. See Where To File in these instructions. Filing Form 5500-EZ electronically using the EFAST2 filing system: • File online using EFAST2’s web-based filing system or • File through an EFAST2-approved vendor.

Who is required to file a Form 5500?

Who is Required to File? Every pension and group welfare benefit plan that is subject to ERISA is required to file a Form 5500, with the following exceptions: A Welfare Benefit Plan that covered fewer than 100 participants as of the beginning of the plan year and is unfunded, fully insured, or a combination of insured and unfunded;

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