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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I get a 1099-INT from the IRS?

Key TakeawaysForm 1099-INT is a tax form used to report interest income.Form 1099-INT is prepared by interest payers with copies sent to interest recipients, the IRS, and the recipient's state tax department.If you receive a Form 1099-INT, you will likely need to report it on your tax return, assuming you have a tax return filing requirement.More items...

What is IRS 1 800 phone number?

The primary IRS phone number is (800) 829-1040. This serves as a catchall and will send you to a menu. However, there are also alternative numbers you can dial to reach a live person in a specific department. This may help you to connect directly with someone who deals with the issue you are facing.

How do I contact the IRS directly?

How Do I Contact The Irs Directly? Call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 during their support hours. Select your language, pressing 1 for English or 2 for Spanish. Press 2 for questions about your personal income taxes. Press 1 for questions about a form already filed or a payment.

Why has IRS not accepted my taxes yet?

Why Hasn't the IRS Accepted My Income Taxes?You Have Wrong Personal Information. The IRS has a master file containing your personal information, such as Social Security number and birth date, as received on prior year tax returns.Failed to Complete a Form. ...Dependent Has Already Been Claimed. ...Typos and Misspellings. ...W-2 Is Incorrect. ...Delays in IRS Operations. ...

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