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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the inputs and outputs of the Calvin cycle?

• each turn of the Calvin cycle, there are chemical inputs and outputs. • The inputs are carbon dioxide from the air and the ATP and NADPH produced by the light reactions. • cycle uses carbon from the carbon dioxide, energy from the ATP, and high-energy electrons and hydrogen ions from the NADPH. • The cycle's output is an energy-rich sugar molecule. • That sugar is not yet glucose, but a smaller sugar named G3P.

How does NADP become NADPH?

how does NADP+ become NADPH? at the end of the 2nd electron transport chain NADP+ molecules in stroma pick up high energy electrons and H+ ions at the outer surface of the thylakoid membrane and become NADPH

What are the steps of light reactions?

step 1 as light energy is absorbed It excited the electrons in clorophyll a, chlorophyll b, and cartenoids electrons pass through the pigments by jumping along the photosystems in light reactions step 2 That high-energy e- finally reaches a molecule of chlorophyll a that will pass it along to the PEA molecules in the thylakoid membrane in light reactions

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