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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the input manager in Unity?

The Input Manager is the original input system for Unity and, at the time of writing, is still the default method for managing input. However, if you’re more interested in Unity’s new system, skip ahead to find out how the new Input System in Unity Works instead.

What is the input system?

Input System. The Input System package implements a system to use any kind of Input Device to control your Unity content. It's intended to be a more powerful, flexible, and configurable replacement for Unity's classic Input Manager (the UnityEngine.Input class). To get started, see the Installation and Quick Start Guide sections.

How do I use unity's new input system?

In this project, you'll learn how to take advantage of Unity's new Input System. Understand how the Input System allows for multiple input devices to be used without modification to game logic Track your progress and get personalized recommendations. Used the new input system and set up with WASD/KRX keys and the arrow keys and Ctrl key (brakes).

What's the difference between Unity's input manager and rewired?

Put simply, it's much more advanced than the default Input Manager and more reliable than Unity's new Input System. When I tested both systems, I found Rewired to be surprisingly easy to use and fully featured, so I can understand why everyone loves it.

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