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Frequently Asked Questions

Why MagicMagic for infusions?

Magic to mediate such an infusion is complex and many safeguards are needed to avoid calamity, this is never more true than when the practitioner seeks to infuse aspects of dimensions beyond the world.

How do infusions work?

Infusions always require power from a nearby altar. The process for brewing is described on the brews page. Once an infusion is complete and white swirls are issuing from the spluttering kettle, a glass bottle may be used on the kettle to bottle the infusion. Ruined infusions will result in a bottle of water.

What is infusion witchcraft?

Infusions represent perhaps the highest tier of witchcraft, whereby the witch (or warlock) is able to capture the essence of an aspect of the world and imbue it into either an object or themselves.

Can you infuse yourself with a dimension?

Obviously, infusing the power of a dimension into oneself will provide some interesting effects, the least of which being the ability to use magic without the usual paraphernalia of spell crafting. Creation and use of an infusions is a multistage process.

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