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Frequently Asked Questions

What to mix with flavored vodka?

If you want a cocktail mix them with soda water or tonic. That will help to bring out the sweet flavors of the vodka. For martinis, Shake the peach with concentrated peach juice, 2 part Vodka 1/2 part juice. Raspberry vodka with chambord, 2 part vodka 1/2 part chambord finished with a splash of sparkling wine.

What are the ingredients used to make vodka?

Vodka may be distilled from rye, wheat, soy or corn, molasses, sugar beets or grapes. Additional ingredients include malt meal, water and yeast. Vodka is distilled to a high alcohol content which essentially removes any specific flavor other than optional flavor additives which come into the process towards the end.

How do they make flavored vodka?

Combine flavors. Add fruit, vegetables or herbs to a large glass jar. If possible, use one with a spigot or a large lid to ladle vodka out. And keep in mind that the more flavor you add, the stronger it will be in the vodka. A good rule of thumb is to fill the jar about halfway full with fruit or vegetables and then fill it to the top with vodka.

What is a good mixed drink with vodka?

Vodka tonic – just vodka topped up with tonic water – and vodka soda – the same with soda water, are the simplest mixed drinks with vodka, both ideal when you want something unfussy and refreshing without venturing to the sweet side. Both benefit from a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime.

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