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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the alcohol included in the cocktail kit?

Hello! The alcohol itself is not included, but here are the recommendations for each kit: - Navel Gazer pairs best with whiskey and bourbon - Blue Sunday pairs best with gin, whiskey, and vodka - Parrot Head pairs best with tequila and vodka - Island Time pairs best with rum, whiskey, and vodka Do they need to be refrigerated after adding alcohol?

What is an at-home alcohol infusion kit?

This at-home alcohol infusion kit helps you serve up seriously impressive cocktails. Wanna step up your at-home mixology game? This kit will have you savoring flavors you never expected.

Does my infused kit need to be refrigerated?

Your infused kit does not need to be refrigerated. We recommend consuming within one month of infusion. If you need more time, remove all the solid ingredients and you can extend the shelf life indefinitely. How much does each jar weigh?

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