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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Jones Soda be able to distribute cannabis-infused products?

Jones Soda is betting that its expertise as an independent soda company will translate into the distribution of cannabis-infused products as well. The company is already familiar with operating on a state-by-state basis.

Is Pepsi releasing the first ever nitrogen-infused cola?

A fter years of teasing, Pepsi will unleash the first ever nitrogen-infused cola on the market. Pepsi originally teased the product in early 2019, and then went quiet on it. B ut now, three years later, Nitro Pepsi is finally hitting store shelves nationwide March 28.

What happens when you open a nitrogen-infused beverage?

Nitrogen, however, is far less soluble in water — so when you open a nitrogen-infused beverage, the bubbles are basically like, "Let's GTFO." You're left with a smooth, cream-like top that's full of really tiny bubbles and a less fizzy beverage overall.

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