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Frequently Asked Questions

What is infused Ruby and how do I use it?

Infused Ruby is a currency unique to Revendreth that you can use to buy temporary buffs and offensive abilities, as well as purchase fun items, awaken guardians, activate special NPCs, interact with chests, complete quests, use transportation services, or do all kinds of other things across the zone.

How to farm infused Ruby in revendreth?

Infused Ruby is a currency in Revendreth, You need to complete the The Endmire quest to be able to loot it /way 65.12 63.47 The Endmire quest ; It has a cap of 100 Ruby and then you have to spend it; How to farm: 35x Infused Ruby from Parasol Components once /way 31.01 55.12 Smuggled Cache Treasure with quest item inside

How do you farm infused rubies?

To open Infused Ruby farming, you must do the optional quest The Endmire, which starts with Tessle the Snitch at /way 65.2, 63.6 near Darkhaven. This quest asks you to find 5 Infused Ruby and return them. This opens the ability to loot Infused Rubies accountwide. Locating Infused Ruby Vendors Infused Ruby vendors aren't clearly marked as ...

Can you get infused Ruby in Shadowlands?

New cases are soaring in Fla., but many rural residents fear vaccine more. If you’re searching for infused ruby in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, there are some steps you need to take before you begin collecting it. We’ll point you in the right direction while you’re in Revendreth and show you the best ways to gather the gems.

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