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Frequently Asked Questions

What are infused oils?

Home Page > Aromatherapy Articles & Guides > Aromatic Ingredients > What are Infused Oils? What are Infused Oils (also Known as Macerated Oils)? An infused oil, also referred to as a macerated oil, consists of a carrier oil that has been permeated (“infused” or "macerated") with one or more herbs.

How do you infuse herbs into oil?

This helps the herbs begin to release their flavors to infuse into the oil and will speed up the infusion process. Place the herbs in the bottle and pour the oil on top. Scoop the pulverized herbs into a clean, dry bottle, and pour room temperature oil into the jar until it’s full.

How do you make culinary infused oils?

CULINARY INFUSED OILS. Fresh herbal infused oils can be used, but to be safe, should only be used the day-of. For culinary infused oils using dried herbs, I suggest starting with a sterilized, completely dry jar. Place herbs in the jar and cover with olive oil. Place this jar in a saucepan that has been filled ¼ full with water.

How do you infuse olive oil?

Infuse a single ingredient into the oil for a strong, bold flavor. Many people prefer to add only 1 ingredient to their oil to give it a distinct taste. For a pleasant and strong infusion, try making rosemary olive oil, thyme olive oil, garlic olive oil, truffle olive oil, lemon olive oil, or basil olive oil. [1]

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