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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make edibles?

The easiest way to make edibles is to have your own cannabis infusion on hand, and most THC gummy recipes call for using cannabis oil — specifically infused coconut oil — as their key ingredient. Having your own batch of cannabis coconut oil on hand means you’re never more than a step away from making your own edibles.

What weeds are edible?

Some wild weeds in your garden, including purslane, dandelion, violets, and chickweed, are actually edible delicacies.

Do marijuana edibles have to be refrigerated?

Marijuana edibles Edibles that are baked or hearty and require refrigeration after preparation should be stored in an airtight container in the fridge to maintain freshness for no more than 3-4 days.

Are edibles illegal in the state of Texas?

THC products-usually in the form of edibles-and marijuana are treated virtually the same under Colorado law. THC and marijuana are legal to possess, sell and consume. Not so in Texas. Edibles, or cannabis-infused food and drinks make marijuana more accessible.

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