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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Merry Christmas mean to you?

“Merry” was not always a word related to Christmas and took a good few years for it to become associated. “Merry Christmas” is a term used to spread joy, goodwill and good cheer to those during the festive season. And even today, centuries later, Merry Christmas is still the most widely used phrase to wish someone season’s greetings.

What is Merry Christmas in Romanian?

translation and definition " merry Christmas ", English-Romanian Dictionary online add translation merry Christmas Type: Phrase; Crăciun fericit good wishes at Christmas time Merry Christmas, my love! Crăciun Fericit, dragostea mea! Used to express good wishes on or before Christmas Day. Show declension of merry Christmas Merry Christmas

What rhymes with Merry Christmas?

Words and Phrases That Rhyme With Merry christmas: various, gregarious, hilarious, nefarious, precarious, vicarious, Aquarius, Marius, Stradivarius, genesis, morphogenesis, ferrous, heiress, meris, terrace, aquarists, embarrass, nonferrous, Polaris, various, gregarious, hilarious, nefari...

Is there meaning behind saying Merry Christmas?

There is an expression, 'To make Merry', which means to be joyful, celebrate, and be in general good cheer. Merry Christmas implies that people should Make Merry and enjoy in the celebration of his birth. It is said that it is the season of peace and goodwill.

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