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Frequently Asked Questions

What must you do before you make a hypothesis?

According to the scientific method, one must first formulate a question and then do background research before it is possible to make a hypothesis. The scientific method, of which the hypothesis is a key component, has long been used by scientists to ensure unbiased, trustworthy results.

How do you make a hypothesis?

Create a hypothesis Make an educated guess to answer your question. Make sure your hypothesis can relate to a single experiment and that it is testable. Perform an experiment Test your hypothesis using an experiment. Your experiment should clearly demonstrate whether your hypothesis is correct or incorrect.

What are some examples of a good hypothesis?

Examples of Hypothesis: If I replace the battery in my car, then my car will get better gas mileage. If I eat more vegetables, then I will lose weight faster. If I add fertilizer to my garden, then my plants will grow faster. If I brush my teeth every day, then I will not develop cavities. If I take my vitamins every day, then I will not feel tired. More items...

Can you ever absolutely prove that a hypothesis is correct?

Absolutely proving a hypothesis is impossible. As to prove something implies it can never be wrong. However, well-designed scientific experiments can allow researchers to strongly infer from empirical evidence that their hypothesis is correct. There is no ‘proof’ or absolute ‘truth’ in science.

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