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Frequently Asked Questions

How to say husband in Telugu?

How to say husband in Telugu. husband. Telugu Translation. భర్త. Bharta. More Telugu words for husband. భర్త. . Bharta consort.

How do you say husband in Middle Eastern Languages?

Saying Husband in Middle-Eastern Languages Language Ways to say husband Ways to say husband Arabic الزوج [alzawj] Edit Hebrew בַּעַל Edit Kurdish (Kurmanji) mêr Edit Persian شوهر Edit

What is bhartha (husaband) in Telugu?

Mogudu,penimiti and peniviti are the synonyms for Bhartha (husaband) in Telugu. Though these are the synonyms, up to our generation these are the words we used while referring him(while speaking about him to others). Here Varu and ayana means ‘he/man’ in respectful sense.

What is the meaning of the Telugu word 'Ammadu'?

It is a Tamil word. The equivalent Telugu word would be “Ammadu” or “Ammayi” which means “dear girl” It is equivalent to “honey” or “Baby” in English. How can we say 'say' in Telugu?

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