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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties of a hospitalist?

In the simplest terms, a hospitalist is a doctor who cares for patients who have been hospitalized. In a hospital full of other physicians, their role plays an important part in the recovery and discharge of patients.

Who are the most common types of hospitalists?

1. A physician whose professional activities are performed chiefly within a hospital, for example, anesthesiologists, emergency department physicians, intensivists (intensive care specialists), pathologists, and radiologists. Synonym (s): hospital-based physician

What type of training is required to become a hospitalist?

Hospitalists typically undergo residency training in general internal medicine, general pediatrics, or family practice. A minority of hospitalists specialize in fields including neurology, obstetrics and gynecology, and oncology. Hospitalists improve care for hospitalized patients.

What are the benefits of having a hospitalist?

One advantage is that hospitalists' have more expertise in caring for complicated hospitalized patients on a daily basis. They are also more available most of the day in the hospital to meet with family members, able to follow-up on tests, answer nurses' questions, and simply to deal with problems that may arise.

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