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Frequently Asked Questions

Which mountain is the tallest in the world?

Mount Everest or Qomolangma is the highest mountain in the world, with a peak at 8,848 metres (29,029 ft) above sea level. It is also the tallest mountain in the world from base to peak.

What is the highest city in the US?

And finally, the highest city in the United States is Leadville, Colo. with an elevation of 10,430 feet.

What is tallest mountain in World?

When measuring from sea level, the tallest mountain in the world is Mount Everest, part of the Himalayan Mountain Range in Asia.

How high is the highest?

Highest Altitude: An altitude of 8,850 meters (29,035 feet) above sea level makes Mount Everest the mountain on Earth with the highest altitude.

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