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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an optical splitter used for?

An optical cable splitter is a device used to combine two or more optical audio signals into a single output cable. This allows multiple devices to work on a single audio system that only has one input socket. Although the user will not need to repeatedly unplug and replace cables, he will need to either press a switch to change the input source, or make sure only one source is active at a time.

What is a cube beam splitter?

Cube beamsplitters are constructed using two typically right angle prisms (Figure 1). The hypotenuse surface of one prism is coated, and the two prisms are cemented together so that they form a cubic shape. To avoid damaging the cement, it is recommended that the light be transmitted into the coated prism, which often features a reference mark on the ground surface.

What is splitter and combiner?

The splitter/combiner is a product that can be used for two applications. It can split a signal from a source, or combine signals into one run. Correspondingly, can a cable splitter be used in reverse?

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