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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tacoma Guitars made in the USA?

All Tacoma Guitars are made in the USA. All Tacoma Guitars come with a high quality hard shell case. Tacoma Guitars is the actual factory that manufactures the new 2006 Guild models that are getting rave reviews worldwide. Do not buy one of those Corona built Guild's they were considered a failure even by the people who built them.

What kind of guitars do they sell at gapguitar Center Tacoma?

Guitar Center Tacoma caters to the needs of all musicians. Our local music store carries top brands, such as Fender®, Taylor, Shure, Zildjian, Pioneer DJ, Gibson, Alesis, DW, Yamaha and more.

What happened to Tacoma Guitars?

The company and brand name were later acquired by the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. The Tacoma plant closed, and production ceased, in 2008. Tacoma manufactured mainly acoustic guitars, although its product range extended to basses and mandolins.

Where can I rent live sound guitar gear in Tacoma?

Guitar Center Tacoma has an assortment of high-quality live sound gear and instruments available for rent for when you’re traveling, have an upcoming show or are working on a new project. Contact Guitar Center Tacoma to learn more about our repair and maintenance services, to schedule your first lesson, or get the gear rentals you need.

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