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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any guitars made in the USA?

American-made Guitars from Gibson, PRS, Martin, and and More A guitar made in America not only represents a history of proud craftsmanship, but also the history of rock 'n' roll. Each generation of new guitars builds on the last, yet remains rooted in tradition by luthiers who put decades of experience and pride in their work.

Who was the first guitar maker in America?

Christian Frederick Martin immigrated from Germany to New York City in 1833, and being trained as a guitar maker, decided to start his own company in America. However, Martin never really grew accustomed to the city, and moved his family to Nazareth, PA, in 1838 because it reminded him of his homeland of Saxony.

What is the oldest Guitar Company in the world?

That’s right, C.F. Martin Guitars located in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, is not only one of the most respected acoustic guitar makers in the world, but also the oldest guitar company in the world.

Are Martin guitars made in a factory?

Yes, Martin employs people who are responsible for playing each guitar to make sure that it’s ready to leave the factory. A worker tests a recently completed Martin guitar. While on the tour, signs and even demonstration pieces are shown to give you a better understanding of the 300 steps in the making of a Martin guitar.

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