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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours of operation for Guide House Grill?

"Guide House Grill is open for curbside carry-out & cocktails Thurs-Sun 11am-8pm. To put everyone’s mind at ease we would like to share our methods of prevention.

How do I apply to do business with Guidehouse?

Firms interested in doing business with us, please send an overview of your capabilities to [email protected] . A member of the Guidehouse procurement team will contact you.

What is Guidehouse's mission statement?

Guidehouse Inc. is committed to conducting all of its business activities with integrity and excellence, and ensuring the trust of our shareholders, customers, employees, and business partners. This section of our website includes information relative to key internet-based and marketing communication disclaimers and/or policies.

What does Guidehouse do for Public Utilities Fortnightly?

Guidehouse and Public Utilities Fortnightly collaborate on a special report to identify key changes in the electric utility industry and provide guidance for a successful path forward.

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