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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use infuser bottle?

Use the fruit infuser to pair your peptides with fruit and herbs for a refreshing (and totally good for you) cocktail. Remove the infuser entirely to mix your premium collagen peptides with water and carry as a reusable water bottle, keeping you hydrated and maximising the benefits of collagen throughout the day.

Are plastic water bottles safe to drink out of?

You can safely drink out of plastic water bottles, but there are a couple of additional things you should know. Although plastic water bottles do not contain BPA, they may contain potentially harmful bacteria after they are used. PET bottles are almost universally collected for recycling.

Are Tritan water bottles safe?

Tritan is BPA Free and won’t leach in any way making it the healthy, clean & safe choice. Tritan has been reviewed independently & approved by the European Union FSA, US FDA, Health Canada, Japans HOSPA & Australia’s standards. This means you can use your bottle knowing it is safe and won’t leach after time. Is Tritan plastic harmful?

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