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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best things to give to Hades?

Spells and Incantations - Hades Offerings. 1 Sweet dark red wine. 2 Strong, dark whiskey. 3 Black coffee. 4 Black tea. 5 Peppermint tea. 6 Honey. 7 Dark chocolate. 8 Rich meats (like lamb) 9 Sharp cheeses. 10 Breads or cakes.

What are some good offerings to make to the gods?

Making research and asking for friends also really, really helps. Here is a list of offerings with their specific god/goddess type that might be useful for you: Gods/Goddesses of Hearth and Home: Food: Bread and grains, cooking oil, salt. Drink: Milk, wine, cider. Herbs: Rosemary, thyme.

What are the best foods to serve on a large altar?

Large Altars: 1 Sweet dark red wine 2 Strong, dark whiskey 3 Black coffee 4 Black tea 5 Peppermint tea 6 Honey 7 Dark chocolate 8 Rich meats (like lamb) 9 Sharp cheeses 10 Breads or cakes More items...

What is the best offering to offer to Hekate?

Chthonic offering. One whole apple is offered to the deity (sliced or not), and you get none. You fill an appropriately sized vessel with wine, no water and pour the entire vessel in libation and have none for yourself. Offering to Hekate. Whole apple. Whole pieces of chocolate. Barley. Whole garlic, split into pieces.

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