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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of flattening the curve?

The idea of flattening the curve is to stagger the number of new cases over a longer period, so that people have better access to care.

What causes a flattening yield curve?

A flattening yield curve can also occur in anticipation of slower economic growth. Sometimes the curve flattens when short-term rates rise on the expectation that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates . This happens because rising interest rates cause bond prices to go down—when fixed-rate bond prices fall, their yields rise. 1

What does a sharp curve mean?

To slow the spread of an infectious disease so that its outbreak is more manageable for medical professionals. The graphical "curve" indicates how many people have the illness. A sharp curve means that many people have the illness all at the same time, which then overtaxes the healthcare system.

Will “flattening the curve” prolong the world recession?

But “flattening the curve” also means prolonging the world recession to an unknown extent, which itself may have grave long-term economic and health consequences. Only history will judge whether the trade-off was appropriate.

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